Volume & Issue: Volume 7, Issue 2, March 2024, Pages 148-350 

Review Article

Recent investigations in synthesis of α-hydroxycarboxylic acids by reductive carboxylation of aldehydes with CO2 (microreview)

Pages 148-158


Ahmed Kareem Obaid Aldulaimi; Haider Radhi Saud; Mohammed Ubaid; Mustafa Humam Sami; Ayat Hussein Adhab; Farinaz Shahimi

Research Article

Preparation and in-vitro evaluation of PCL–PEG–PCL nanoparticles for doxorubicin-ezetimibe co-delivery against PC3 prostate cancer cell line

Pages 159-172


Mina Yousefnezhad; Mirzaagha Babazadeh; Soodabeh Davaran; Abolfazl Akbarzadeh; Hamidreza Pazoki-Toroudi

Review Article

Chemical Fixation of CO2 with 2-Aminobenzenethiols into Benzothiazol(on)es: A Review of Recent Updates

Pages 241-252


Ahmed Kareem Obaid Aldulaimi Obaid Aldulaimi; Ayat Hussein Adhab; Haider Radhi Saud; Mohammed Ubaid; Mustafa Humam Sami

Review Article

Recent progress in cross-dehydrogenative sulfonamidation of (hetero)arenes

Pages 263-276


Khaitov Jonibek Kurbonovich; Todjiyev Jamoliddin Nasiriddinovich; Nematov Khusan Ibodullayevich; Jurayeva Mukhlisa Ilhom Qizi; Muhammedova Busora Muhammedova; Bekjanov Ikrom Qurvonnazarovich; Khaydar Ergashovich Yunusov

Research Article

Density, viscosity, and speed of sound of carbitol + 2-propanol + water mixtures at various temperatures: Measurement and mathematical modeling

Pages 277-285


Amirmohammad Sharafi; Aliasghar Hamidi; Elaheh Rahimpour; Abolghasem Jouyban; Mohammadreaza Behboudi