Synthesis of La2MnFe2O7 and La2CuFe2O7 Magnetic Nanocomposites (Nano Mixed Metal Oxides) as Efficient Photocatalyst for Organic Dye Removal

Document Type : Research Article


1 Chemistry Department, Payame Noor University, Tehran 19395-4697, Iran

2 Department of Chemistry, Zahedan Branch, Islamic AzadUniversity, P.O. Box 98135-978, Zahedan, Iran

3 Esfarayen University of Technology, Esfarayen, North Khorasan, Iran



In this work, La2MnFe2O7 and La2CuFe2O7 photocatalysts were synthesized using a co-precipitation method. The surface morphology, structure, crystalline phase and magnetic behavior of the catalysts were investigated by TEM, FT-IR, XRD, DRS, and VSM. The photocatalytic activity of the La2MnFe2O7 and La2CuFe2O7 nanocomposites were appraised using the optical decomposition of malachite green oxalate (MG), methyl violet (MV), and Eriochrome Black T (EBT) beneath ultraviolet (UV) beam irradiance at different factors like the solution pH, dyes’ concentration, catalysts’ amount, temperature and time of UV light radiation. This research provided the synthesis of new composite magnetic photocatalysts and the study of their effectual in the field of photodegradation of dye pollutants.


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