The Impact of Mixed Solvent on Protonation Equilibria of Mercaptosuccinic Acid in Ethylene Glycol–Water Media

Document Type : Research Article


1 Department of Basic Science, Vishnu Institute of Technology (A), Bhimavaram, AP, India

2 Department of Chemistry, B.V.RAJU College, Bhimavaram, AP, India

3 Department of Chemistry, Thiru Kolanjiappar Govt. Arts College, Vriddhachalam, TN, India

4 Department of Chemistry, DNR Degree College (A), Bhimavaram, AP, India


The protonation constants values of mercaptosuccinic acid were determined in ethylene glycol and water media (0-60% v/v) at 303.0 K at ionic strength of 0.16 M using pH metric technique. The protonation constants were calculated with the computer program MINIQUAD 75 and selection of the best fit chemical models were arrived based on the statistical parameters. the log K values were found to increase with increase of the organic solvent content. The linear variations of the protonation constants with the reciprocal of the dielectric constant of the medium have been attributed to the dominance of electrostatic forces. Distribution of species, protonation equilibria and effect of influential parameters on the protonation constants has also been reported.


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