Volume & Issue: Volume 4, Issue 4, August 2021, Pages 200-300 

Review Article

3. A review of biochemical structures of Urtica dioica metabolites and their pharmaceutical effects

Pages 206-212


Soma Majedi; Tola Abdulsattar Faraj; Heshu Jalal Ahmed; Faiq H.S. Hussain

Research Article

4. Biochemical Properties Evaluation of some Libyan dates

Pages 213-220


Khaled Muftah Elsherif; Amal Mohamed Aljaroushi

5. Removal of Gentian Violet by activated carbon from mango kernel shells (Adams)

Pages 221-231


Horo KONE; Irié Appolinaire Gouré Bi; Judicaël Ano; Yaya Soro; Gouesse Henri Briton Bi; Benjamin Kouassi Yao

6. A DFT studies on a potential anode compound for Li-ion batteries: Hexa-cata-hexabenzocoronene nanographen

Pages 232-238


Behlol Hashemzadeh; Laden Edjlali; Parvaneh Delir Kheirollahi Nezhad; Esmail Vessally