Converting polymeric mixture waste of a car breaker company to hydrocarbon by designed high performance co-pyrolysis system

Document Type: Research Article


1 Department of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Miyaneh Branch, Islamic Azad University, Miyaneh, Iran.

2 Taher shimi-e- Miyaneh Co., Miyaneh, Iran


Waste produced from car breaker companies severely affects the environment. So far, the only way to manage this complex waste is to bury it. In this research, the waste converted to hydrocarbons and carbon black by co-pyrolysis process in the designed high performance co-pyrolysis system. The results showed that the as-obtained maximum yield of heavy oil and light hydrocarbon wax, carbon black and non-condensable gas can be listed as mass basis of 8, 34, 3, 40 and 15%, respectively. The ratio of 5 W/W% treated expanded perlite as catalyst to waste increased the amount of light hydrocarbons to 34 W/W%.