Electrochemical sensors; Types and applications in the food industry

Document Type: Review Article


Department of Food Science and Technology, Facult


Today, the use of new technologies in the food industry has become very important and widely used. Identifying these technologies and expanding them is very important for industrial societies. One of the new methods for analyzing and measuring materials in trace levels is electrochemical sensors. In the electrochemical sensors the reaction between food analytes and sensors are happen. These sensors have the ability to generate electrical signals appropriate to the concentration of the analytes. These sensors have been very effective in measuring and determining compounds and are being developed using new techniques. These sensors have many advantages over older and more expensive methods, while also being highly accurate. These sensors have a lot of potential and benefits, so in this study, it has been tried to define these new methods by using practical examples and described the use of these new methods in various industries, especially in the food industry.